Tour de Fance, Stage 14

Stage 14 of the Tour de France went past the end of our lane. Not something I have seen before - except on TV in the news. Its a great opportunity for advertising and that features a lot in the 'caravan' that precedes the actual riders, the caravan takes best part of  an hr to go past, the riders take about 2 mins ! My lasting impression is that there are an awful lot of cars for a bike race. Between the support vehicles, the press vehicles, the safety vehicles, the team vehicles, and anybody else they can squeeze in there must have been over well over 60  from start to finish! But, it was fun and I did take a 'few' images, mostly of the caravan as that was the most diverse aspect of the race and then a few of the riders as they were the fleetest aspect of the day. I hope you like them. The first image of riders is in fact a few local 'trailbreakers'  who took to the road between the caravan and the racers, they had fun.