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Places - images of places of interest.

We are privileged to live is such a beautiful area of the south of France, the rural landscape and diversity of the habitat coupled with the long complex history has created a tapestry of wonderful land and historically important and beautiful villages and towns.

Many of the cities, towns and villages have long and complex histories going back to pre 'France' times when borders moved on a regular basis depending on small local wars and the rise and fall of Princes and lords. Religion has played a major role in these areas as is evident from the Circulades, the Chateau's and the fortified town walls.  The area was subject to a crusade by the catholic church against the cathars. With all the ensuing bloodshed and oppression involving armies led by knights from as far afield as Brittany and England called in by the Pope to exterminate the 'Heresy' with the promise of land and power for the victors, the history of the area is strewn with relics, both physical and socially from these times.

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