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Nature - Images of nature in all its glory and diversity

The natural world is a great passion of mine, most of my photography is of  nature in all its forms. While there is a desire to show off its beauty in a natural way there is also the artist in me striving to show it in a new way to create a broader scope of enjoyment.
The original subject is a triumph of evolution, by capturing that in detail in its natural form shows how diverse and sucessful nature is. By adding a more artistic interpretation on occasion I hope to show its beauty in a different way and open up this subject to a wider audience. Insects are a stunning representation of evolution, by photographing them using a macro lens  allows me to show how their form is fully aligned to its function, what we see as beauty is nature at its finest in design and functionality. Our appreciation of its beauty is esthetic and for me simply adds a further dimension to the complexity and power of evolution.

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