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Fungi of the Aude
After my Silver Gilt Medal from the Royal Horticultural Society  and the panel being displayed in the Saatchi Gallery in London, I decided that this years project would be a continuation on my photography of Fungi.
There are many more to see and photograph, this year has been very dry from late spring through summer and into autumn, and it continues  warm with little or no rain. This has delayed and in many cases prevented the fungi that I would normally have seen from fruiting as yet, hopefully this page will be updated over the next month or so as we get the late stragglers showing up, if it rains.
I hope you like the images, most have been Identified and named, but there are a few outstanding, Fungus ID is not easy and can on a number of occasions require a microscope, an instrument I do not as yet own !
My sincere thanks to M. Christian Bouet, a great Mycologist here who has kindly corrected me on a number of my mistakes in Identifying the fungi in some of the images.

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