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I have been using a camera since 1980. Working with manual film cameras. Processing and printing images in a wet Darkroom enabled me to develop a in depth understanding of the science and practicality of photography and a strong sense of detail that is required to gain the image  on the actuation of the shutter rather than relying on post production.

Digital photography allows me to better capture the image I saw in my mind  in a more artistic way and to process the images in a manner far beyond the previous limitations of  the wet darkroom.

I have a great love and understanding of the natural world  and this remains key to much of my photography. As with all things, you grow, and I am enjoying expanding my skills working with other genres.

All the images here are captured and processed by myself to enhance them where required, and then print them. By carrying out the full end to end process I retain complete control of the image to ensure it meets my quality standards and is as close as possible to the image I had in mind when I took the picture.

I have recently worked  supporting other artists and have captured old slide/film images  and prints/paintings digitally to allow retouching and enhancing if required. I then provide a high quality digital image  to the author thus allowing the artists to use them on their Web pages and social media as well as enabling them to be used in a physical printed catalogue.

Our move to the South of France in 2018 opened up a new era for me. The greater range of wildlife and stunning historically important locations as well as the local musicians in the Bars and Cafes along with other everyday people  makes photography here a pleasure.

I am a member of the Societies of Photographers and hold a Associate award in Nature and Wildlife Photography (ASINWP)

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